ATP/WTA Live Scores App: Why I’m always on my Phone

If you know me, you’re probably aware that I have a borderline obsession with Tennis. I love playing the game, but I follow it with even more passion. One of the enablers of this passion is the ATP/WTA Live Scoring App for iOS. The app is dead simple: it provides live, point-by-point scores for every match on the ATP(Association of Tennis Professionals), WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) and Challenger (This is what Triple-A is to MLB) Tours. The Tennis season is basically year round, with multiple tournaments per week, which have multiple matches per day. So the number of opportunities I have to open this app and see something new is really, really high. And so I open this app more times per day than I’d like to admit 😐

The App navigation is pretty straightforward, allowing you to quickly scan through active tournaments, daily schedules, and individual match statistics. The app won’t win an Apple Design Award at WWDC, but that’s not the point. The ‘point’ is that you can see live scores, updated in almost real time.  The app has a setting that allows you to enable Auto Refresh of scores (I set that to ON, duh) and a setting for the Refresh Interval (10s is the fastest). According to the FAQ “As all data is received directly from the assigned ATP/WTA Chair Umpires, the data is considered official.”

Live Match Screen

Now while I love this app, there’s always room for improvement. Here’s a little wish-list:

Player Notifications: Send me a notification when my favorite player is on court. The app has match start times, but not all matches start on time so I keep opening it to check.

Today Widget for iOS: It would be awesome if I could see scores for all active matches as a Widget. And then tapping into each match would take me to the detailed stats view.

More stats: I love the stats the app already provides, but would love to see Winners, Unforced Errors and Serve Speed. The ATP shares these stats in telecasts and I’d love to see them in the app.

These would all make using the app easier, but I probably wouldn’t use the app more than I already do. Because, like I said, I use this app A LOT.